Minimize Kitchen Clutter With These 5 Awesome Tricks

Declutter Kitchen Counters, Cabinets, and Other Spaces With These Tips

A cluttered kitchen makes it tough to cook and makes your space look less attractive. Try these tricks to declutter kitchen counters, cabinets, and other areas.

The average kitchen size in a new home is 161 square feet, but if you’re living in an older home, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with less space. No matter how big or small your kitchen is, it’s always at risk for clutter.

A cluttered kitchen eats up valuable work space and makes it less functional. Your space looks more attractive when it’s decluttered and organized. Removing clutter also makes it easier to clean your kitchen.

Keep reading to learn tips to declutter kitchen spaces for a more functional way to cook.

1. Get Rid of the Extras

Do you really need 20 mugs or multiple pizza cutters? Are all of those kitchen appliances really getting used?

One of the easiest ways to declutter your kitchen is decrease the number of things you have in it. Be realistic about how often you use things and stick to must-have kitchen tools. Get rid of duplicates that you never use.

Donate items you don’t need. If you’re worried you might need them someday, pack them up and put them in storage for now. In a few months, get rid of the things you haven’t needed.

2. Pick Tools That Multitask

Another way to decrease what you store in your kitchen is to buy things that work for multiple purposes. You can find utensils, cookware, appliances, and gadgets for the kitchen that do one thing like slice a pineapple or separate eggs. But many of those tasks are just as easy to do with a good kitchen knife or without any utensils at all.

Invest in quality cookware, knives, and utensils that handle multiple kitchen tasks. You cut the clutter by using a single item that handles multiple jobs, and high-quality items last longer.

3. Set Up Kitchen Zones

Think about the ways you use your kitchen, such as meal prepping, making school lunches, and cooking regular meals. Consider what types of activities those things entail and what kind of space you need for them.

Create different zones for those activities. Then, keep tools and gadgets nearby and easily accessible that you’ll use.

4. Give Everything a Spot

Your kitchen gear can creep and take over your counters and other areas if it doesn’t have a dedicated spot. Once you know your kitchen zones, ensure everything has a drawer, cabinet, shelf, or organizer to go into to stay tidy.

Get in the habit of putting things back into those spots when you’re done using them. Pretty labels can also help ensure everything goes back correctly.

5. Keep Up With Decluttering

As a central part of your home, the kitchen can easily become a drop zone for everything from the mail to homework. It’s easy to leave things on the counter when you’re done cooking or let the sink fill with dishes.

Picking up and putting things away as you go prevents clutter from building. Spend a few minutes at the end of each day decluttering and putting things away.

Declutter Kitchen Areas Easily

Are you ready to declutter kitchen areas that are overflowing with stuff? Using these simple tricks can transform your kitchen into a tidy, functional space that makes you want to cook.


Author: Paul Dumas

Paul Dumas is the co-founder and owner of Optimized Marketing Group, LLC. and it's subsidiary Marketing For Cleaners. The internet marketing agency has provided website design, search engine marketing, social media management, internet advertising and printing solutions to small businesses targeting local markets for over 10 years.