Reasons To Hire A Professional Housekeeper

The average American spends 6 hours per week cleaning their homes. Unfortunately, even though so many people spend so much time cleaning, many often think that their homes aren’t clean enough.

Would you like to have a spotlessly clean home but you’re fed-up with spending hours cleaning and enjoy the benefits of having a clean home?

If so, then you should think about getting a housekeeper who will do all of these tasks and more.

With that said, we will now take a closer look at exactly what a housekeeper does and important information on hiring one.

Housekeeper Role

Now, before you hire a housekeeper, you should understand that a housekeeper isn’t a house cleaner.

A house cleaner is a person that does bigger jobs. Basically, if you are putting your house up for sale and you’re prepping it for viewings, then you’d hire a house cleaner.

A housekeeper is a person who regularly visits your home on a particular schedule such as 2 to 4 times per month. They will have a set list of things that they will do while in your home.

Some of the main things that they’ll do include:

– Cleaning the living space in your home by dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, mopping etc.
– Thoroughly cleaning the bathroom and toilet as well as the items in your bathroom such as your mirrors and cabinets
– Kitchen cleaning which includes cleaning the kitchen sink, stove, other appliances etc
– Cleaning the bedroom, making up the bed, changing the sheets
– Washing the dishes and putting them away
– Cleaning the windows
– Putting out the garbage
– Ironing clothes, washing dirty clothes, folding them
– Replenishing stocks of toilet tissue, paper towels etc
– Organizing the home, decluttering, removing toys and packing them away

Now, according to the housekeeper that you hire and the services they provide, you may potentially also need to provide cleaning solutions and supplies.  Read this guide for more information on what to look for when hiring a housekeeper.

Benefits Of Having A Housekeeper

There are many benefits of getting a housekeeper and we’ll now go through some of them.

Healthier Home That Is Cleaner

The main benefit of getting a housekeeper is that your home will be a lot cleaner and very hygienic. If you fail to clean your home thoroughly on a regular basis, this will cause a build-up of bacteria, germs, fungus, dirt etc that will make your home unhealthy and unsafe for you and your family.

Regular Entertaining

The great thing about having a housekeeper is that they will allow you to have guests over more often without as much stress. When you’re entertaining guests, it will take a lot to organize each event and you can easily get stressed out. However, with a housekeeper, they can take care of your home and make sure it is clean so that you can deal with the other parts of entertaining.


It is definitely a lot easier to relax in a clean home as opposed to one that is dirty and messy. After you’ve spent an entire day working, chances are that you simply want to relax and decompress. However, if your house is dirty, this can certainly increase your stress and make it very difficult to relax.

Improve Productivity

Next, when you have a clean home, this will go a long way in making you more efficient and productive. A clean home is a lot more organized and you can easily find everything that you need. Additionally, a clean and organized home will help you to achieve mental calmness and organization that will make you work better.

A housekeeper will ensure your home is always clean and you don’t have to do any of the cleaning yourself. As a result, you’ll have more time and energy to do the things you actually want to do.

Increase Creativity

Unfortunately, when you have a dirty home this can negatively impact your creativity. However, a clean home will encourage you to be more creative and you may even find yourself thinking about innovative ways to store your belongings, improving the layout, cool new ideas for decorating etc.

Keeps The Peace

A dirty house can easily cause family members to fight with one another. This is especially true when belongings get lost or misplaced. This can cause a great deal of tension in the home. However, with a housekeeper, you’ll be able to easily find everyone’s belongings and this will make the entire home a lot more peaceful.

Do Things You Enjoy

There are some people who enjoy cleaning, however, the vast majority don’t enjoy it and would prefer to spend the time doing other things. A housekeeper will definitely free up your time so that you can do things you want to do which will make you a lot happier and content with your life.

Positive Psychological Effects

When you return to a beautiful and clean home at the end of your busy day, this will do wonders for your mental health and overall well-being. So, it is definitely worthwhile to invest in a housekeeper who will ensure that your home is well kept so that you and your family can enjoy these benefits.

What Should You Expect When You’re Hired as a Professional Cleaners?

People are incredibly busy in today’s modern world. In fact, they are so busy that the average person has less than 30 minutes of free time a week. Between everything that’s happening in their life, it is easy for people’s homes to get messy.

All the household chores add up, after all. There’s always laundry to clean, dishes to do, and bathrooms to polish. If everything becomes too overwhelming, these busy families have no choice besides hiring professional cleaners.

A good cleaning service helps relieve a great deal of stress from a family or individual. They can now focus on more pressing issues in their life once they know that their house is in safe hands. If you would like to be part of a cleaning service but aren’t too sure of what it is like, we have you covered.

What Can You Expect from Professional Cleaners?

If you are hired to be a housemaid, there is usually a general idea of what the responsibilities are likely to be. However, you still need to gather as much information as possible regarding your duties so that you can get into the job having reasonable expectations. We will provide a breakdown of what you should expect when you go in to clean another person’s or family’s house.

Obviously, these are simply the basics. Different homeowners will want different things. While some value quick cleaning, others are more interested in a deep clean. Either way, your cleaning services will give a family peace of mind, which is something to be proud about.

Regular Cleaning

If you are part of a cleaning crew, the company typically provides all the cleaning products. Familiarize yourself with everything that you will be using, including the ingredients. It is a necessary step to ensure that you know how to choose an appropriate tool for the job.

Customers are paying for a premium service, so anything subpar is likely to cost the cleaning company business. You don’t want to be using some cleaning products on delicate material or anything containing an ingredient that the customer is allergic to.

You can now get started with your work.

It might be just you sometimes or it might be multiple maids. If you are the only one, you will have to tackle multiple tasks, but if there are multiple cleaners involved, then different people can handle different tasks. The vast majority of cleaning jobs tend to be on the lighter side, which is what would be typically required for weekly cleaning.

The following is a general list of what is expected:

– Making the beds

– Taking out the trash and replacing trash bags

– Tidying up around the house

– Dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping all the floors

– Cleaning the kitchen i.e., appliances, counters, etc.

– Cleaning the bathrooms i.e., sink, toilet, mirror, bathtub, etc.

Clients will sometimes only expect a light clean. If that’s the case, they will communicate their needs and expectations with the cleaning service to have a clear picture of exactly what they are paying for.

A regular clean generally doesn’t take a lot of time because it is not as thorough as a deep clean, but you should always strive to go beyond the client’s expectations by making sure that tasks that need to be completed are done exceptionally well. Even if it is just a regular clean, ensure that you check everything once done so ensure that everything was thoroughly cleaned.

Deeper Clean

You will sometimes be hired for a deep clean service. It is usually done every 6 months so perhaps the client has reached a point that they may be having an important event. Whatever the reason might be, know that it takes up more time but also pays more.

Deep cleaning is aimed at removing all the buildup of grime and dirt. This usually hides in places that are hard to reach or the tricky areas that people usually don’t look are regularly.

So, besides performing all the tasks involved in a regular clean, here are other things you will be required to do for a deep cleaning service:

– Cleaning thoroughly underneath all sinks

– Deep scrub of the bathroom to get rid of grime

– Fully cleaning inside appliances such as microwave, oven, and perhaps even cabinets

– Getting behind kitchen appliances such as the fridge or oven to remove all the buildup of grime

– A deep dusting of all corners of the house to get rid of cobwebs

– Cleaning outside and inside all windows along with their frames

Keep in mind that this is just a small list of the extra tasks that customers who pay for deep cleaning will be expecting. That said, you may find some people that don’t want you to clean their bedroom or fridge. Still, you might come across those that try to demand more than your service entails.

Deep cleans are also expected if somebody is about to move out or into a home. It usually involves cleaning things such as the inside of the refrigerator or places that are usually hidden by furniture.

Not the Same as Housekeeping

What it means is that there’s a difference between a house cleaner and housekeeper. As a housemaid, you will be coming in for a cleaning service during specific times. You are not required to run errands for the family or even take care of the children.

It is important to make this distinction since even if there’s an overlap between the two, there are specific tasks more tailored to the job.

Cleaning Service Expectations

Whenever customers hire professional cleaners, they want the satisfaction and convenience of a sparkling home. If you want to be part of the cleaning service, you will not only help make people happier, but you will also be providing a service that helps with the well-being of the customer.

It is hard to stress enough just how important it is to know what you should expect when you want to become a domestic maid. While you may have a clue, there is actually more that goes into it than you may assume. You are already doing excellent work by learning what the job involves, now it is about cleaning things.

If you want professional cleaners, don’t hesitate to check out our list of cleaning services near you.

7 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning: nice in theory, but lots of hard work in practice.

There are many benefits provided by spring cleaning, including psychological ones. However, no one can deny it is also a very large job. So whatever you can do to make things easier will give you extra incentive to do it.

This is why we are here. The following are seven spring cleaning tips to make the job easy so you have free time to do the things you enjoy!

1. Use White Vinegar to Eliminate Mold

If you have any mold problems, then you might already be aware that some mold treatments are nearly as bad as the cure is. Often they produce harmful fumes and are highly toxic.

However, vinegar will dissolve mold very quickly and is a lot safe as well. Spray some vinegar on the mold, wait a while, and then wipe the area down.

2. Windows

Vinegar really is great. It can also be used to break down stubborn stains that are on windows, which allows you to wipe the glass down without any streaks being left. White vinegar is always often less expensive than window cleaners.

3. Many Other Things

It really is seriously great. White vinegar can be used for many other spring cleaning tasks as well, like killing weeds or cleaning the shower or the oven. There is a good chance that vinegar can help to get rid of anything stubborn.

Just don’t use it on stone surfaces, since unprotected stone can be etched by vinegar.

4. First Dry Wipe Surfaces In The Kitchen

A common mistake made when wiping down a kitchen is to use a wet cloth first. That has a tendency for old food to be turned into new gunk.

The counters should first be wiped down using a paper towel or a brush and dustpan. That will allow you to eliminate the dry detritus without it being swept all over the floor.

5. Use Citrus On Water Stains and Drains

There are acids contained in citrus substances such as lemon juice that are ideal for attack water stains such as those on the taps and toilet. Just a couple of squeezes of citrus can remove the stubborn stains and leave a pleasant smell behind.

Those acids also help to break down stubborn limescale and detritus in drains, so they can be used to clean out garbage disposals and other difficult areas.

6. Use The Shower as a Pressure Washer

Sometimes spring cleaning involves taking some things apart in order to clean them. However, it can be hard to get rid of crusted-on dirt, even though it is only dust.

The showerhead can be used on non-electrical items to blast them with water. This added pressure also helps to scour items clean.

7. Use a Broom in High Areas

A broom can be used for things other than floors.

If your house has high ceilings, you can tackle cobwebs by using a broom in the corners. Wrap a cloth around the broom’s edge to protect the walls and to make it easier to pick up dirt.

Spring Cleaning Tips Help You Save Time

These spring cleaning tips will help to ensure your cleaning doesn’t take you until the summer. Simple but effective, and will make your job a lot easier. We recommend that you also check out our list of the most common spring cleaning mistakes.

Are you not ready to face this job on your own? Check out our services here.

Is Hiring Professional Cleaning Services Right For You?

It’s understandable to have some hesitation when it comes to hiring cleaning services. In fact, many people struggle with the same decision. To some, it seems like a waste of money. Others, on the other hand, worry if anyone can meet their cleaning standards. But regardless of the cause of the hesitation, there’s a lot one should consider before hiring cleaning services.

Typically, there are two primary questions to ask before you make a decision:

1. How busy are you?
2. Can you afford it?

If you have a busy lifestyle and can afford hiring cleaning services, then consider indulging in the convenience of having professionals clean your home.

Why Hire Cleaners To Do Something You Can Do Yourself?

Well, you can keep chickens, but you get them from the supermarket, right? There are many things that one can do for themselves but still choose to purchase from professional services instead. That brings up the question, why opt to hire expert cleaners? Well, there are many reasons to employ a professional to clean your home. The benefits include:

– Save time & money
– Access to full professional residential cleaning services
– Gives you peace of mind by reducing stress and fatigue
– A healthier home
– The use of eco-friendly products
– Things often forgotten or skipped will get done

Besides, when you hire cleaners, you’re creating a job opportunity

Will They Clean Up To Your Standards?

Are you worried that the cleaners won’t clean your home up to your standards? Well, don’t be. Professional cleaners are specially trained and know their way around housekeeping. All you need to do is to make sure you hire well-reputed cleaners. Reputable and experienced cleaners will deliver nothing short of exception cleaning services. Plus, you could always talk to the cleaning crew and discuss your needs.

Can One Trust Cleaners In Their Home?

Recommendations from friends, colleague, or a neighbor are pretty valuable when looking for a trustworthy house cleaning company. Plus, there are reviews and testimonials online that you can use to check out the cleaners’ reputation. Hiring an experienced, transparent, and honest company can give you peace of mind since they are insured and do background checks on all their employees.

The Cost Of Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

More often than not, the choice of hiring professional cleaning services boils down to the cost and how much one values their free time. Some people love their free time, and they would rather be doing anything else during that time than clean. Also, some can’t stand having a messy home. But due to their busy lifestyle, deep cleaning their house themselves is not an option.

So, how much is your free time, and a spotlessly clean home worth to you? Your answer to this question should help you decide whether hiring a cleaning person is right for you.

Whether you’re getting your home ready for an event, moving into a new apartment or townhouse, moving out, or just looking to freshen up the house, then professional cleaners can help. Expert cleaners can fulfil all your cleaning needs, and they will do if fast and leave! Does hiring professional cleaners finally make sense for you? If it does, then find a professional house cleaner near you.

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Cleaner?

Your home is the most important place in your life and, as such, should not be a burden. Nothing’s better than coming home from the rigors of the day to a sparkling clean home free of clutter and mess. Persons with many family responsibilities and working folks who are seldom at home can find that endeavor difficult to attain. Many a time, one may be too tired or just too busy to clean. So what do you do? Well, have you thought about enlisting the services of a professional house cleaner? Hiring professional help will help alleviate the burden of having to clean and provide you with peace of mind when you get home. Benefits you can expect from enlisting a professional house cleaner include:

Saves You Time

Enlisting professionals’ services to clean your house means that you will have more free time on your hands. Instead of spending many hours every week to clean your home, having professional cleaners do the work for you will save you a lot of precious time better spent elsewhere. You can use this time to catch up on some of the things you’ve been putting off. You can spend the time on your family, work, or finally, use the time to relax and rest.

You Don’t Need To Have Supplies Stocked

By getting regular house cleaning services, it means that you won’t need to keep cleaning supplies on hand. One thing about cleaning supplies is that there are various of them, and most are pretty costly, which can add up over time. Enlisting the services of cleaning professionals will help in reducing expenses since they usually bring their own supplies for the job. It also shows that they are prepared for the task at hand and have the products required to combat anything they encounter. You will only need to keep some basic cleaning supplies to do some touch-ups since the cleaner won’t always be available.

Professionals Are Specialists At Cleaning

You may think that you know the layout of your home better than a professional cleaner. Although that might be the case, there are areas in your place you often overlook or skip since you’re too lazy or don’t like cleaning those areas. Over time, such areas may easily be forgotten and result in the build-up of dust and dirt. With a professional cleaning services, you can rest assured that everything that needs to be cleaned will be cleaned to satisfaction. You won’t need to overlook any area of your house since you’re paying to get professional services.

Having your home in a clean and tidy condition is integral in keeping your everyday life running smoothly. But those with a busy social or professional life may find cleaning a tad challenging to manage. And that’s where professional domestic cleaners like us come into play. We guarantee to make your house cozy, clean, and tidy with minimal effort on your side. We have the expertise, skills and resources to get your home in tip-top shape. What’s more, our rates are incredibly competitive.

Should I Clean, Sanitize, or Disinfect My Home?

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting.  What’s the Difference?


This is what we do when company is coming over for dinner at my  house.  We get rid of the clutter in the living room, dining room and guest bathroom.  We do a quick vacuum of the floors, dust the tables, shake the front doormat and get out the clothes brush and get the dog hair off the upholstery. Then we spray Febreze. This takes 15-20 minutes, max.

Growing up I can tell you my mom had a different definition for cleaning than I did. But all kidding aside, cleaning is something we do routinely. We routinely clean daily, weekly and monthly.

Cleaning is good housekeeping.  It keeps pests at bay, maintains order, and eliminates uncontrolled growth of unwanted organisms.

Think illness.  If you have someone in your home that is ill, or you are trying to prevent an illness (COVID-19) then you want to think sanitizing or disinfecting.


When I think of sanitizing, I think of food preparation. For example, I’m going to sanitize my counter-top before I begin any food preparation. Sanitizing is best for surfaces that don’t typically have contact with seriously dangerous bacteria or viruses or those that are best left without contact with powerful chemicals.  You wouldn’t want to use powerful chemicals with toys that children often put in their mouths.  All this was before COVID-19 came along.

So, first you clean the area you want sanitized by removing dirt and grime.  Then you sanitize the area by spraying or wiping a sanitizing agent that kills 99.9% of the bacteria, virus or fungi.  Some common sanitizers on the market are Lysol and Clorox sprays or wipes.  If a commercial product is in short supply, you can always make your own by mixing ordinary bleach and water.  Look to the manufacturer for the right ratio of bleach to water.  Also, look for how long it should be left on the surface.

Sanitizing can also be done without chemicals. A good example is washing your dishes in the dishwasher where the temperature is set to 170F killing bacteria and other germs.  Another would be hiring a professional carpet cleaner who uses a commercial-grade steam cleaner where the temperature of the steam effectively sanitizes your flooring.


This is used when someone is ill or has a compromised immune system. We are in the middle of a real threat with COVID-19 in our midst. To destroy the COVID-19 virus we need to employ the use of a disinfectant. Disinfecting kills bacteria, viruses and fungi. In this case, we want to destroy the COVID-19 virus. You want to disinfect the places/things most susceptible, like doorknobs, counter tops, light switches, bathroom faucets and for sure your smartphone (note: ensure you check the smartphone manufacturer for the proper way to disinfect your phone.)  It’s also a good idea to remove your shoes when going in doors and spray the bottoms with disinfectant.

Common disinfectants are in great demand and are often sold out before they even hit the grocer’s shelves. Remember bleach is great as a multipurpose sanitizing solution/disinfectant.

7 Amazing Tips To Make Your Spring Cleaning Easier And More Efficient

It’s spring cleaning season: generally, the thought itself sounds good, but it’s difficult to put it into action.

Spring cleaning offers numerous benefits – and it has been said to be helpful psychologically. However, there’s no doubt that this task can be difficult. If there’s anything that can be done to make the entire job a little bit easier, people will grab that opportunity just to make it happen and to get the job done!

Don’t fret – we’ve listed down below 7 spring cleaning tips and hacks to make your cleaning a breeze!

1. Vinegar Can Remove Mold

Mold – they’re disgusting and hard to remove! Sadly, mold cleaners are as equally hazardous as the mold itself. Most of these mold cleaners are highly toxic leaving fumes making it difficult to breathe.

Vinegar, on the other hand, gets rid of mold fast, and there’s no denying that this is safer than any other commercial cleaner out there in the market. Spray vinegar on the affected area, let it sit for a while, then wipe and you’re done.

2. Works For Windows Too!

Vinegar is an amazing product to have inside your home. Not only it can help remove molds, but vinegar is also known to be effective in helping remove window stains. Spray vinegar on areas you wanted to clean to have streak-free, spotless windows! Not only they’re effective, but vinegar is undeniably cheaper than other commercial window cleaning products.

3. And Many Other Things

Seriously, we’re not yet done raving about vinegar. Since you’re using it for removing molds and cleaning out your windows, take it out and use it for your other spring cleaning tasks. Use it on your shower, oven, or you may even use it to get rid of weeds. If you’ve noticed it’s stubborn, vinegar can help you shift it and make life easier for you.

White vinegar can be used in most areas for cleaning purposes, be careful when using it on stone surfaces as it can etch the said stone.

4. Keep Kitchen Surfaces Dry

One of the things that many people tend to do when cleaning the kitchen is that they tend to wipe kitchen surfaces with a wet cloth. It seems like it makes the job easier, right? Wrong – old food may turn into gunk if you do this.

With that in mind, use a dry cloth, paper towel, brush with dustpan on the counter. Doing this helps you remove the dry pieces that may have spilled on your counter without you having to pick it up or sweep it from your floor.

5. Citrus Substances For Water Stains And Drains

Clogged sink and other drains and water stains? Did you know that citrus substances such as lemon can help you remove stubborn stains? Squeeze lemon juice on those stubborn stains, wait for a while then wipe it clean. Not only it leaves the surfaces squeaky clean, but smelling good too!

Additionally, citrus acids also do an amazing job of breaking down limescale in your drains. You can use this to help clean hard to reach spots like your garbage can and disposal.

6. Your Shower Doubles As A Pressure Washer

When it comes to spring cleaning, it also means that you have to disassemble some things apart and that you need to wash them. However, dirt that has been there for a while might be difficult to shift.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, you can use your shower head and pressure wash your items in water. That added pressure will help remove that debris and dirt that’s difficult to remove by wiping alone.

7. Reach Higher Places With A Broom

While commonly brooms are used for sweeping the floor, they are more versatile than you think.

You can use these brooms to clean high ceilings of your home. Use it to get into those corners and even get rid of the cobwebs. You can alternatively wrap your broom with a cloth by its edges to help pick the dirt easier, and to make sure that your walls are protected at the same time.

Save Time With These Spring Cleaning Hacks

Hopefully, these 7 spring cleaning hacks will help you get the job done in a faster and more efficient manner. As simple as they sound, they’re effective and can help you get through the spring cleaning season even before summer starts.

If you’re not ready to do all of these things alone, your local professional maid service can help.

Tips For Developing A House Cleaning Schedule You Can Stick To

If your home has an unkempt appearance, it can be embarrassing and ultimately, it means that you need a monthly maid service. If you keep busy, you might not have enough time to take care of the daily cleaning needs. It might be impossible for you to devote enough time to get rid of that musty odor coming from the attic or to thoroughly clean a smelly bathroom. However, cleaning your house regularly is essential to make sure that your living space looks and feels beautiful at all times.

Here are a few tips to help you develop a cleaning schedule to make sure your house is clean at all times.

Monthly Cleaning

Frequently used rooms in your home should be cleaned regularly. A clean room is not only more sanitary but is also aesthetically pleasing and simply looks beautiful. A regular cleaning schedule will make sure that your house always looks spotless. However, if it is not possible for you to have a daily cleaning routine, one of the solutions is to hire a maid service.

Working with a professional cleaning service will help in keeping your home in perfect order. A professional cleaning service will make sure that you never have to rush to clean the home when some guests are coming over. It’s a practical option to hire a monthly cleaning service when you do not have enough time or you are not in the habit of cleaning your home regularly. It will make sure that tough to clean areas are also spotless at all times.

Weekly Cleaning – Bathroom

All homeowners want to make sure that their living space in the house is presentable and one of the most important areas in a house is the bathroom as it is used daily which means it also gets dirty easily.

If your bathroom is unkempt and unorganized, you should take a good look to find particular areas that need to be cleaned. Keeping your bathroom clean and organized can be a struggle and this is the reason, you should hire a weekly house cleaning service for cleaning your bathroom on a weekly basis.

A weekly maid service can be of immense help when you don’t have enough time to keep the bathroom clean and organized. If you are unable to find time to clean the toilet, shower stall or to scrub the tub, a weekly maid service will come handy. These cleaning professionals have the necessary training and tools to take care of tough cleaning jobs. It will save you a lot of time and make sure that your home looks pristine clean at all times.

Weekly Cleaning – Kitchen

While kitchen should be cleaned as often as possible but a weekly cleaning schedule is considered ideal in most cases. Cleaning on a weekly basis will help in keeping your kitchen sparkling clean. If you cook in your kitchen daily, it’s important to wipe down and scrub the kitchen supplies at least once a week. Also, regular mopping and wiping of the kitchen floor should be done.

Your home will feel and look good only if you take care of it. Cleaning your home regularly requires you to devote significant time and energy, and you need to have good cleaning skills. Hiring a maid service to handle your recurring house cleaning can help you keep your home spotless with a personalized cleaning plan.


Have a few tips of your own?  Post a comment below!

Cut Your House Cleaning Time In Half

One of the greatest challenges to keeping your home clean and orderly is how time consuming house cleaning can be. But believe it or not, there is a way to cut your cleaning time in half with a little ingenuity and experienced insight.

No matter how great the mess the following tips from the professionals will help you cut your house cleaning time in half without sacrificing efficiency.

1. Make Your Cleaning Fun

Cleaning is often done out of haste and desperation because the conditions are getting too bad to be ignored. But, the way to get the home cleaned fast is to work from a system you have practiced so much it is like a dance. Begin at the top and work your way to the bottom following a simplistic plan that makes itself easier and more intuitive each time it is practiced. Soon you will find that an hour or two of your favorite music as you step to your the “sanitation” dance is one of the most enjoyable in your schedule.

2. Define “Clean” for Your Space

Everyone has their own definition of what a clean home looks like and you don’t want to be too extreme in either direction. Take the time to decide what is a satisfactory level of cleanliness for your space and you may find that it is not as hard to achieve as your thought – you don’t have to dust the light bulbs each week for example.

3. Work Efficiently

Make sure that you are efficient in grouping your tasks and actions. Don’t begin the dishwasher until you have collected all the dishes from the house and see what else you can place in there as well. Some vases, decorative pot holders and other dishwasher safe objects can also use a good bath. Cleaning systematically also means that you can accomplish two tasks at a time, like cleaning the blinds while washing the windows.

4. Organize Your Tasks

You will want to start with the tasks that will require more scrubbing and standing like kitchens and bathrooms. Then move on to the tasks that will require more moving about like vacuuming, dusting and decluttering. Always work from “top to bottom” and “left to right” to avoid having to clean the same area twice.

5. Look for Ways to Make Your Work Easier

Some jobs can be unnecessarily difficult and time-consuming without some helpful tips. The ceiling fan can collect a lot of dust and then send it flying far and wide when you try to clean it. But if you have an old pillowcase, you can slip this over each blade and pull the dust away –– finish with a microfiber cloth.

It can be frustrating that the vacuum won’t grab that line of dust right at the edge of your furniture, don’t get upset; get a paintbrush. A thick clean paintbrush is the perfect thing for sweeping those pesky escapees into the path of the vacuum.

Final Notes on Fast and Efficient House Cleaning

Just like any skill, the art of keeping a clean house will get easier and faster as the more you practice. Furthermore, it is a lot easier to do a small cleaning before things get out of control, than try heavy-duty cleaning later. If it just becomes too much, consider hiring a professional cleaning service and your chore list will instantly diminish.

The Top Holiday Cleaning tips For A Guest Ready Home

The holidays might bring a lot of joy, but it can be a stressful time for a host. In fact, some surveys revealed that over 50 percent of all Americans feel as though cleaning is the number one cause of stress during the holidays. For some, it might even be enough to completely ruin the holidays altogether. If you find that holiday cleaning is ruining your holiday spirit, just know that it doesn’t have to.

We have come up with some of the best holiday cleaning tips that you can implement in order to improve your ability to enjoy the holidays with your friends and family.

Reasons Holiday Cleaning Can Be A Huge Headache

While holiday parties might be enjoyable, dealing with the mess that is typically left behind is never a fun task. Along with this and the added stress that it can bring a host, there are some studies that show having a clean home might even impact heart health.

Below is a checklist from the experts to get your home in the best shape for the holidays.

1. Entryway

To get things started, you want to focus on the entryway. This is where your guests will enter. Because of this, it is the area that they are first exposed to which means it will create their first impression. Because of this, you want to clean it thoroughly to create a good first impression. The entryway is also the area that experiences the most foot traffic which means it will get the dirtiest due to people tracking dirt and grime into your home from outside.

To clean this area, simply mix together soap and water and scrub the floors. You also want to regularly clean the doormat to get rid of loose dirt that might be sitting on it. You can hit the mat against the ground outdoors to get rid of the loose debris. You also want to clean your door itself to enhance its appearance and wipe the doorknob to ensure that it is clean for your guests.

2. Kitchen

You and your guests will be spending a lot of time in your kitchen. After all, that is where you will be enjoying food and drinks with your guests. Because of this, you want to spend enough time and energy cleaning your kitchen to be sure that it is thoroughly cleaned for your guests.

The best way to go about cleaning your kitchen is by cleaning your sink. Because you will be using your sink and your garbage disposal throughout the holidays, you want to avoid clogs and buildup that can cause odor to permeate. The best way to do this is by pouring boiling water down your drain. This will allow you to get rid of anything that can clog your drain. You can drop lemon peels down your garbage disposal to grind them up and create a pleasant odor to mask any unpleasant odors that might exist in your drain.

3. Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom should be cleaned prior to hosting anyone. This is true even if your guest bedroom is rarely frequented. After all, dust can build up when it is left unused. Therefore, you should look to strip the bed of its sheets and its comforter. That way, you can clean them. You can wash each in warm water and vinegar to improve freshness. You will want to vacuum the area including the mattress itself and underneath any and all furniture that is in the room. Dust can regularly build up in these areas, so you should pay close attention to them.

4. Bathroom(s)

You want to spend sufficient time cleaning all of the bathrooms in your home. Your bathroom is an area that will have a lot of bacteria and germs that you want to kill off. You can use lemon juice in order to naturally kill off both bacteria and germs because it is antibacterial. The side benefit of using lemon juice is its ability to freshen up your entire room due to it being such a pleasant smell.

One of the best ways to clean up soap scum that you might have present in your bathroom(s) is by creating and using a mixture of water, baking soda, and ammonia. Simply place this mixture directly on the area where the soap scum is located, allow it to sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it away.

5. Post Holiday

Having to deal with the cleanup after the holidays can be very stressful. The best way to minimize the cleanup is by routinely taking time during the festivities to do mini cleanup sessions. This will reduce the amount of cleanup you have to endure after the festivities are completely over with. Get rid of excess wrapping paper during the opening of presents, wrap lights around cardboard to avoid tangles, and even call up your garbage service to see when and if they have a specific/designated time for Christmas tree removal.

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