A Homeowner’s Guide to Cleaning Bathrooms: Everything to Know

If you just moved into a new home, you should know how to clean specific rooms. Here is everything you need to know about cleaning bathrooms.

You just moved into your new home or apartment, and every room is squeaky-clean. Or, you want to list your home, but you need deep cleaning, especially those bathrooms!

Dirt and germs in the bathroom start small, like a ring inside the toilet or hard-water stains in and around your sink. But, the longer you go without cleaning them, the more stubborn they will be to clean later.

No one enjoys cleaning bathrooms, but if you want to keep them sanitary and pleasant-smelling, you need to how to clean them well.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about cleaning bathrooms.

Clear and Assemble

To do a thorough cleaning of your bathroom, first clear the room of everything that is not nailed down, such as toiletries, wastebasket, and any free-standing furniture.

Assemble a tote or basket with all your bathroom cleaning tools, including:

  • Toilet brush and Cleaning Product
  •  Rubber Gloves
  •  All-Purpose, Glass and/or Tub-Tile Cleaner
  •  Scrub Brush / Old Toothbrush / Sponge
  •  Disinfectant Spray or Wipes
  • Vacuum/Broom and Mop

How to Clean Toilets

Start by generously applying a toilet bowl cleaner and let sit for up to five minutes, or longer if your toilet is stained. Then scrub with a stiff-bristled toilet brush. Finally, flush with the lid closed.

For a more eco-friendly solution, substitute 1/4 cup baking soda and one cup white vinegar in place of the cleaner, and wait 10 minutes before scrubbing.

Wipe down the entire toilet seat and handle with disinfectant wipes, or with your baking soda/vinegar solution. Let the toilet brush dry out of its caddy and spray with disinfectant.

Bathtubs and Showers

Make sure the product you use is safe for the tub’s surface, as certain products can scratch. Spray the product liberally on the tub’s surface, let it sit if needed, and then scrub with a sponge or soft-bristle brush.

For the shower, pour white vinegar into a plastic grocery bag (enough to fully submerge the showerhead nozzle) and tie it in place to soak overnight.  In the morning, remove the bag and run the water to rinse.

For shower doors, make a paste by adding a few drops of white vinegar to a cup of baking soda; apply it to the door. Let sit for an hour, then rub with a microfiber cloth. Rinse and buff dry with a fresh, dry microfiber cloth.

Wash plastic shower curtains and liners in the washing machine with your regular detergent and a few old towels, which act as scrubbers to eliminate soap scum.

Sinks and Surrounding Surfaces

Pour some vinegar down the sink drain to keep it clear. Spray the sink and countertops with your cleaning solution, and scrub well. Use disinfecting wipes on the faucet and spigot.

Spray mirrors with glass cleaner or vinegar, and use newspaper to buff them clean with no streaks.


Sweep or vacuum the bathroom floor, then wet mop, making sure you get around the toilet, the sink, and in the corners.

If you have a bathroom fan, dust it down before you do the floors, so you can sweep or vacuum that dirt up as well.

Sick of Cleaning Bathrooms?

Are you dreading cleaning bathrooms in your home? Contact your local professional house cleaning company.

Author: Paul Dumas

Paul Dumas is the co-founder and owner of Optimized Marketing Group, LLC. and it's subsidiary Marketing For Cleaners. The internet marketing agency has provided website design, search engine marketing, social media management, internet advertising and printing solutions to small businesses targeting local markets for over 10 years.