Most Common Swimming Pool Issues Homeowners Face

Most Common Swimming Pool Issues

Professional pool service companies are well known as swimming pool experts, and this means that they’ve seen our fair share of swimming pool issues over time. They’ve seen all types of pool problems, in all sizes of homes. This means that the skilled technicians prepare themselves for surprises, no matter how small a pool repair may seem at first. These are just a few of the types of issues with swimming pools that a professional pool service team has had to handle over time:

Debris in a Swimming Pool

Most areas are usually hit by crazy weather in the summer months, and it’s quite common for swimming pool owners to experience issues. Rain, storms, and high winds make up the perfect environment for your swimming pool to be damaged. The most common type of damage to pools in our local area is caused by random debris blowing into the pool after a serious storm accompanied by strong winds.

It’s possible to see a wide range of debris, including insects, leaves, patio furniture, limbs from trees, and even critters – all falling into your pool and clogging up your drain. They’ve seen many types of strange debris fall into pools and cause issues with filters and pumps. Professional pool service technicians are prepared to solve these problems and more. They typically offer a team of skilled technicians and the best technology on the market, so they can find the clog and clear it up in short order, with a minimal amount of mess.

Debris can also contaminate the water in your pool, aside from clogging your filter and damaging your pump. A severe weather event or falling leaves in autumn can leave your pool full of debris. You may not be able to keep up with the amount of debris that falls into your pool, especially if you’re not always home to care for it. However, letting it linger in the water can be dangerous for the pool itself, as well as those swimming in the pool. Debris can clog your pool’s equipment. It may also build up in the water, rotting and potentially causing illness. This means that it’s a good idea to regularly have the water in your pool tested by a professionally trained pool cleaner. This testing is the best way to keep you and your family safe while swimming.

Pool Settings – Mistakes

Everyone isn’t skilled enough to work on pool equipment, but that isn’t enough to stop some individuals. Pool service companies often run into individual owners who attempted to fix their pool’s filter and pump on their own. Some basic filter cleaning and maintenance are well within the capability of many pool owners. However, other individuals try to fix major problems themselves or attempt to find ways to make their pool more comfortable. This type of do it yourself work can cause major issues. Undoing damage caused by pool owners is one of the most common types of jobs that we handle.

Leave adjustments of valves and switches to the pros instead of attempting to fix them on your own. Swimming pool leaks often take place when pool owners make mistakes with their pool settings while trying to make repairs on their own.

DIY Issues

Pool owners may find that they feel as if they can fix their pool’s issues on their own. Without having the correct repair training or expertise, however, it’s quite easy for owners to cause issues instead of making the situation better.

Pool service companies are usually called in when this type of situation occurs so that we can fix the damage that the homeowner has inadvertently caused. They’ve seen everything from faulty electrical wiring and bad pump connections to poor pool cleaning causing serious issues. If you’re dealing with any repair that involves electricity or technical work, it’s best to leave the work to a professional.

These issues can all be eliminated by making a wise choice and contracting with a certified pool service professional for your swimming pool repair, maintenance, and cleaning needs. The team of skilled professionals can help you keep your pool looking and working its very best.

Reach out to a swimming pool professional today and schedule a free quote for the swimming pool services offered. They’ll help you determine a reasonable rate for the work you need, so that you can handle your swimming pool issues correctly and safely.

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