7 Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring cleaning: nice in theory, but lots of hard work in practice.

There are many benefits provided by spring cleaning, including psychological ones. However, no one can deny it is also a very large job. So whatever you can do to make things easier will give you extra incentive to do it.

This is why we are here. The following are seven spring cleaning tips to make the job easy so you have free time to do the things you enjoy!

1. Use White Vinegar to Eliminate Mold

If you have any mold problems, then you might already be aware that some mold treatments are nearly as bad as the cure is. Often they produce harmful fumes and are highly toxic.

However, vinegar will dissolve mold very quickly and is a lot safe as well. Spray some vinegar on the mold, wait a while, and then wipe the area down.

2. Windows

Vinegar really is great. It can also be used to break down stubborn stains that are on windows, which allows you to wipe the glass down without any streaks being left. White vinegar is always often less expensive than window cleaners.

3. Many Other Things

It really is seriously great. White vinegar can be used for many other spring cleaning tasks as well, like killing weeds or cleaning the shower or the oven. There is a good chance that vinegar can help to get rid of anything stubborn.

Just don’t use it on stone surfaces, since unprotected stone can be etched by vinegar.

4. First Dry Wipe Surfaces In The Kitchen

A common mistake made when wiping down a kitchen is to use a wet cloth first. That has a tendency for old food to be turned into new gunk.

The counters should first be wiped down using a paper towel or a brush and dustpan. That will allow you to eliminate the dry detritus without it being swept all over the floor.

5. Use Citrus On Water Stains and Drains

There are acids contained in citrus substances such as lemon juice that are ideal for attack water stains such as those on the taps and toilet. Just a couple of squeezes of citrus can remove the stubborn stains and leave a pleasant smell behind.

Those acids also help to break down stubborn limescale and detritus in drains, so they can be used to clean out garbage disposals and other difficult areas.

6. Use The Shower as a Pressure Washer

Sometimes spring cleaning involves taking some things apart in order to clean them. However, it can be hard to get rid of crusted-on dirt, even though it is only dust.

The showerhead can be used on non-electrical items to blast them with water. This added pressure also helps to scour items clean.

7. Use a Broom in High Areas

A broom can be used for things other than floors.

If your house has high ceilings, you can tackle cobwebs by using a broom in the corners. Wrap a cloth around the broom’s edge to protect the walls and to make it easier to pick up dirt.

Spring Cleaning Tips Help You Save Time

These spring cleaning tips will help to ensure your cleaning doesn’t take you until the summer. Simple but effective, and will make your job a lot easier. We recommend that you also check out our list of the most common spring cleaning mistakes.

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Author: Paul Dumas

Paul Dumas is the co-founder and owner of Optimized Marketing Group, LLC. and it's subsidiary Marketing For Cleaners. The internet marketing agency has provided website design, search engine marketing, social media management, internet advertising and printing solutions to small businesses targeting local markets for over 10 years.